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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Links to Russia

I don't know about all of you but I am tired of hearing about the Russians. FAKE NEWS, Hyperbole, we all know who hacked the election, the DNC and the USA intel community. Why isn't Bernie Sanders more incensed? Now the FBI is hacking rightwing conservative websites looking for conservatives with links to Russia! Hey! Who gave the Russians access to our Uranium? Who had an unsecured server in her basement? One hint, her initials are HRC. But if the FBI is looking for links to Russia..... here we go. ...LINKS TO RUSSIA LINKS TO RUSSIA LINKS TO RUSSIA LINKS TO RUSSIA LINKS TO RUSSIA how am I doing? They are tireless servants of the people and I don't want their search to be fruitless. LINKS TO RUSSIA LINKS TO RUSSIA  ..........Ok I hope they will now feel vindicated and have enough proof that conservative media sites are truly filled with links to Russia. Besides I am getting tired of typing. You know I grew up during the cold war with our government telling us on a daily basis the Russians were going to NUKE us. We had drills in case of a nuclear attack, hiding under our desks, standing against school hallways with arms over our heads Some folks built bomb shelters in their back yards. A government always needs a bogyman to distract its own people from the truth of what they are doing. As Sun Tzu said: "Uproar in the east, strike in the west." When the FBI points a finger at Russia look the other direction, to the one pointing the finger.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Elitists vs Us

"Former President George H.W. Bush appears to be joining a growing list of Republicans who say they will either abstain from voting for Donald Trump or cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton."
If there was ever any question in your mind about whether we have a government run by an elitist few this headline should resolve all your questions. Trump is an imperfect candidate and I think he would admit that. BUT, when you have supposedly diametrically opposed politicians supporting one of the opposite party you have collusion against the American people and the two party system.

They are not afraid that Trump might get us into WW-III. Who the hell got us into all of the other wars besides the members of the current ruling class? They are afraid an outsider might win. He might actually serve rather than rule. Trump is dangerous they say. Who is threatened, our enemies? I hope so! Are the Washington insiders also threatened? I hope so!

In this case I am not sure that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I think the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy. It has all been a charade. There is no two party system folks. There is Them and Us. Vote your conscience not your party, use your head and not your emotions. We are being played by the very same people who have enslaved all Americans and poisoned the well of the Republic. Do Not drink the Washington Cool Aid. 

The Russians do not have to hack the election the DNC and GOP will make sure the "right" person wins. You think your vote matters, you think the elections are fair? All George Soros has to do is slip a few million in cold cash to a few Electoral College people and the election will go as planned. Sure I'm going to vote anyway because as I tell my friends and family. I vote because it irritates THEM.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

government vs freedom

 When I was a young lad in 10th grade high school I had a course on comparative governments or some such thing. During the class we discussed Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism, etc. You get the idea. Back in those days we lived in a state of relative innocence. It was the pre-Vietnam era and life was good. Our studies in “isms” proved that Americans lived under the most benign form of government on the planet (which I am sure was the initial goal). But, I found myself in hot water with the teacher when he saw on the cover on my notebook  a statement that read: “all government is a necessary evil.” I believed it then and I believe it even more today. So what was my problem with governments?

I am a firm believer that actions have consequences and words have meaning. The concepts of Freedom and Government are mutually exclusive! Either you are free, or you are governed. It is a case of “either or,” they are not compatible. People willingly sacrifice some freedoms for some safety or protection. Once you have lifted the lid of Pandora’s box looking for protection many adverse things crawl out. Just as there are no boundaries to freedom, pure freedom, there are no boundaries to government once it has been unleashed. Government is like a flesh-eating virus, once it gets into your system there is virtually no ridding yourself of it. During the Vietnam War over 35,000 American men and women died providing safety to the rest of America. Safety from attack by whom? Most of them were forced into military service, to travel abroad to a foreign country and overthrow the government there. In the process of making Vietnam safe we killed tens of thousands of the Vietnamese people. We were there to set them free from Communism, whether they liked it or not, no matter how many we had to kill.

The vast majority of our service men and women acted honorably and did their duty. Our government lied to us about why we were there and then escalated the war because of a false flag operation known as the Gulf of Tonkin. “On August 7, 1964, Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing President Johnson to take any measures he believed were necessary to retaliate and to promote the maintenance of international peace and security in southeast Asia.” It was over 40 years later that we learned the “attack” on our spy boats never happened, we were duped by our own government. What could be more evil than to force young men and women to travel against their will to a foreign country to kill the people of that country, to possibly be maimed or killed themselves, all under false pretenses?

Now that generation is in their 60s and the same government has labeled them potential terrorists and tried to strip them of their rights to own firearms. In many states the same type of guns they carried in Vietnam, to kill or make “safe,” the Vietnamese people, have been made illegal to own. We, who were conscripted to make the world safe for Democracy, are no longer safe in our own nation, in our own corrupted “democracy.” Still wonder why I wrote what I did on my high school notebook cover?